Random Basho Haiku Text Message Generator

I’ve just completed my first very simple Ruby app using Sinatra and the Twilio API, using Git and Bitbucket for version control and deploying with Heroku (I think only Hien will know what this means!). It was a slog but I am very excited. The assignment was to make a form that sends someone a text message to a user-input cell phone number. Not wanting to send random text messages, I chose a carefully curated list of Haikus by the 17th-Century Japanese poet Basho. Enjoy!

https://fathomless-dawn-9751.herokuapp.com (I did not choose the fathomless dawn name, but it seems to go well with the Haikus).

P.S. I’m sorry only US cell phone numbers right now (I think).
P.P.S. You can use this app to send text messages to other people’s phone numbers, but you might want to give them a heads up if you do this, and the text won’t come from a recognizable number . . .

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