First Harvest


Picked the first fruits of the garden this weekend and cooked them up into a vegetable sautée and a rhubarb crumble. Delicious!

Above: bok choy, pea tendrils (both bought from Russos as plants about a month ago), asparagus, chives, and rhubarb (all perennials).

This year, I’ll be adding some new vegetables — okra, watercress, brussel sprouts and lebanese squash (similar to kousa squash) — to accompany lettuce, spinach, cauliflower (you can eat the leaves too and they are abundant), tomatoes, long green and purple beans (an easy-growing favorite), peas, and peppers. I’ve also put verbena, lemon balm, and a new kind of mint into the garden. The thyme bush is going gangbusters: did you know you can make tea out of thyme? More pics to come.

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