Booties for Boys


I made these slippers/booties for my 7-year old son at his request. They are cute but a tad slippery on on hard wood floors. I’d be open to suggestions for handling this. Some have suggested puffy paint. If you’re wearing them on hardwood, use caution.


Size: 8’’ around X 8.5’’ long (adjust as needed).
Materials: One skein Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bukly wool in Periwinkle
Gauge: 3 stiches = 1 inch wide
Crochet Needle: K
Time from start to finish: just under 2 hours.


1) Crochet a chain 7 stitches long
2) Single Crochet (SC) four rows on it to make a rectangle
3) Crochet around the outside of the rectangle (about 20 stitches), marking the start of your circle
4) The second time around, increase one stitch at each corner so that you have 24 stitches in total at the end
5) Crochet around until bootie measures about 4’.
6) Crochet 14 stitches, slip stitch one then turn work and go back around, 16 stiches.
7) Sl 1 and turn. Crochet 16 stitches.
8) Continue until bootie measures 8.5’’ (or desired length) and sc ends together to form the heel of the bootie.
9) Tuck in loose ends.
10) Weave a string or elastic band around the opening and tie at back (this keeps the bootie secure on the foot).
11) Apply puffy (dimensional) paint to soles and let dry.
12) Enjoy!

Click here for a PDF version of this patterns.

Pattern created by Rachael Burger. Feel free to ask questions by posting comments on my blog. Thanks, and happy crafting.


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There’s also a spray on rubber that can be used for traction. It’s been a bum saver in my house! You can get it at any Walmart or online at Amazon.

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Thank you! Will check that out.

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My grandson has ask me to do them for him have never do any thing like this before as I all ways done knitting wish me luck

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Good luck Christine! Hope it goes well.

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I use puffy fabric paint for traction when I make slippers. Never thought of hot glue. Thats a great one!

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To help with the slippery on the wood floor put some lines of hot glue on the bottom of the slipper for traction. You could also do his name or dots.

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Hi Lori — Thanks for the tip. Hot glue is a great idea. And I’m about to crochet another pair at my son’s request (the last one is now too small) so will try it out. Best, Rachael

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I love the booties you made for your son! I am just a little confused about where the top of the bootie comes from. I am going to try them.

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The bootie is started as a circle, then one part of the circle is cast off — that’s how the top is formed. Best of luck with your booties. Best, Rachael

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